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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Clearly, you are an excellent human being with tremendous taste and I will end up enjoying whatever you write in these universes. One of these requests is a long standing one of mine, but that’s because I still love the world and characters. Consider all of the optional details optional.

That said, in general, I enjoy stories with a lot of adventures, shenanigans, misunderstandings, found families, people awkwardly trying to express their feelings, and action/plotty hurt/comfort (where the hurt is plot-based and the comfort part is physical, like tending to wounds and clinging until the adrenaline wears off), because most of all, I love competence and characters having to work through some crap to get shit done. Happy endings are also a plus. As you’ll see further down in the letter, I’m also down with m/f, m/m, f/f, threesomes, moresomes and gen. Any rating is fine and I do enjoy many a PWP if the basic setup of the relationship is there.

I’m not fond of rape or death fic, character-bashing, high school/teacher/student scenarios, a/b/o, or strong BDSM (mild powerplay stuff in sexy situations is fine).

Wonder Girls -- Lee Sunmi (Wonder Girls)/Joo Yuri (Wonder Girls)

I know there isn’t a ton of canon to work with, but what is there, holy hell. Give me all the stories about Sunmi listening to Yuri’s idea to do the part switch dance and liking it too much. Or having it bring up old feelings she put aside long ago. Maybe Yuri just thought it would be something fun and silly but in practice her little crush isn’t so little any more. How do the other dancers react to Yuri’s idea? How did Yuri and Sunmi convince everyone at the company to okay doing that performance on national television? I’d also enjoy an AU of the performance, maybe involving Sunmi getting revenge on a nasty ex with Yuri’s help. There’s a lot of guns and heels imagery there that I enjoy.

So listen, we need to talk about Gashina. The music video is here, but the stage performance is the real reason I’m here requesting these two. So this is the original version of the choreography and according to Sunmi, Yuri had the idea to do a part switched version, where the dancers switched their roles (and hey, if you’re reading this and don’t know, Yuri is the girl with the long dark hair that stands between Sunmi’s legs in the choreography). And I guess they all enjoyed it so much that they performed it on national television?? Yuri has become something of an internet phenomenon, even getting her own fancam. Anyway, let me just put this picture of Sunmi grabbing Yuri’s butt onstage here. Did you want a gif? Here’s a gif. Did you maybe want some sweet notes with nicknames? Done. So yeah, a story with these two flirting in the practice room or canoodling backstage would be amazing. See also the bonus crossover prompt below the Triple H section.

Triple H (Korea Band) -- Kim Hyojong | E’Dawn (Triple H)/Kim Hyuna (Triple H)/Lee Hawitaek | Hui (Triple H)

With this fandom, I’m more than fine with either a canonical setting where the band is working on songs and choreography together and having a lot of emotions about each other or an AU set in the world of the 365 Fresh music video. The second option is obviously much darker than the first, but I’m definitely interested in the missing scenes from the music video and what might have happened if they survived after the jump at the end. In either setting, I prefer a threesome as the relationship focus, but I’m very into all the other dynamics that exist between these three characters. How does Hui feel about E’Dawn filming That Scene with Hyuna? How is Hyuna dealing with all of the energy and talent of these two younger labelmates? Or why do Hyuna and Hui choose to take E’Dawn with them in the car after the accident? A story about them building towards that threesome relationship - again, in either setting - would be fantastic.

So listen, watch the 365 Fresh video (tw: blood, suicidal ideation) and try not to ship a fucked up threesome by the end of it. Give me all of your We’re On the Run from the Cops and Two of Us are Boning and the Third is Sad and Our Future Looks Bleak But Maybe Everything Would Be Better if We Just Boned Together stories. That’s my jam. The fic doesn’t even really need to be explicit to make me happy, as long as it’s about them building towards that relationship. Also, this is a fandom where I’m flexible on the definition of a “happy ending.” It can be a relative form of happy. As for a story set in reality, god, look at how happy these two are to work with Hyuna. They know all her dances! She knows a bit of theirs! They will lie their assess off for her. Please let her utterly corrupt them. I don’t know as much about the rest of Pentagon (though honestly that might change, I’m shaking my fist at Kino right now) but if you do and you wanted to include them in the background, I’m totally fine with that.

Bonus Crossover Option: Hyuna and Sunmi have been friends for 10 years now (!!!) and good goddamn, I would read it.

Old Kingdom - Garth Nix -- Sabriel/Touchstone

I’m desperate for more stories that take place during the restoration of the Kingdom, between the first two books. I just want to read all about Sabriel and Touchstone clearing out parts of Belisaere, training charter mage recruits, or rebuilding Charter Stones. Give me all of the adventures where these two have to be smart and strong and even a little lucky to work their way towards a new Old Kingdom. I love how easily they came to rely on each other in the books, so more exploration of that aspect of their relationship would be great. You can also include the kids too, if you want.

What I’m crazy into here is the world of the books and the rebuilding of the Kingdom. If instead, you wanted to set the story after the end of the books so that you can include the whole royal family and Lirael as well, I would also definitely be into that. I just want more of these small adventures and trials that expand on the world of the books and get into the nitty gritty of running the Kingdom and how both Sabriel and Touchstone handle growing into their titles and their relationship with each other.

걸어 | All In - Monsta X (Music Video) -- Any

There’s so much to dig into in the world of this music video. How did all the guys meet? What drew them together? Tell me more about Guy in Bathtub and Guy Carrying Gasoline’s relationship or tell me about what’s going on with the Arsonist in White. Other important questions to be answered: Just how much homoerotic touching happens when they brew the flowers? How is Arsonist in Gray so attractive? Where did Guy Who Holds Soldier’s Gun to His Head get those guns? What in the world is that thing in the sky? Any amount of world-building will make me happy and any pairing you feel inclined towards is great as I'm a multi-shipper at heart, however a relationship isn’t a requirement. Just tell me more about this world.

There are so many hints of a bigger world that I would love to see explored. Society is clearly in a bad way, what’s life like on a daily basis? How does religion factor into things, considering Guy in Bathtub’s dad? What do the guys do for fun when they aren't resisting an oppressive military presence? Guy in Bathtub and Guy Carrying Gasoline were clearly in love though, right? Anyway, I'm down for whatever kind of exploring you want to do.

If you need more ideas or want to see past yuletide letters and recs, you can check out my LJ yuletide tag. You could also check out my tumblr, which is 95% kpop and dance videos, when I bother to update it. (monsta x tag)


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